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I’ve Been Thinking

I’ve been thinking.

Jim SchuettNo, really!

…wondering about how all the things we do each day, how we do them, and the things we don’t get to.

I’ve been thinking about how much of our brain we actually use, or more to the point, how much we don’t use!

I truly know that I’m not the sharpest nail in the pound box, but definitely do use some of the old grey matter upstairs.  In fact a decade or so ago, I realized that I had been diminishing in my mental capacities, and realized I needed to do something about it.

I’m going to go in two directions from here:

  1. Where its led me
  2. How we view ourselves and our role in the complexities of the universe.

First, where its led me…

In 2001 I went to work for a friend, a subcontractor, and found some satisfaction in helping him and his company, but found the limitations of someone else’s pace, goals, and directions. While there I chose a new software for his company, Master Builder (MB) Software. I became a certified consultant for MB, staying with this friend and his business for 4 years.

When I moved to another company, another MB user, and found they were going bankrupt, and only wanted me as a last ditch effort to save their company. Again, someone else’s pace, goals, etc. and something I could not do, as they were too deep in the hole.

I came upon a moment of decision, unemployed, still a MB consultant. The one thing I loved the best about MB was writing reports inside the software. and so decided to concentrate on using my talents, and passion, to write reports for clients where ever I could find them. This is when my mental capacities started to sharpen, and brought me back to where I hoped I’d be … growing, excited, and a little scared.

Long story, short, is since 2002, I’ve been writing reports for MB, now Sage 100 Contractor (S100) Software (former Master Builder). I truly believe it saved my life.

And you, my Clients, are treasures to me.

Part Two of this discussion, Us and the Universe.

The thought came to me this morning, “Do we really only use 10% of our brains?” And if so, what can we expect to do with the other 90%?

Looking at all the creations in the heavens, and here on earth, and with my understanding of Heavenly Father’s plan for us, I know that “beyond the veil” of this world, we will be able to use all 100% of our capacities there.


So what of now?

Our role today, and everyday, is to learn and grow as much as possible in this life, serving others, sharing our talents, living as honest and productive life as we can, so that when we walk through the “veil” we are more like Heavenly Father, and are more ready to serve Him there. We will continue to grow throughout eternity.

Back to our brain usage:    I “googled” this question:

Do People Only Use 10 Percent of Their Brains?

…and found that we do use all our brains. It’s really quite amazing … no, truly amazing.

If you get a chance, read the article I found:

This has been an unexpected post this morning, just something that came to me to share. Thanks for listening, Jim Schuett

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