CUSTOM REPORTS for Sage 100 Contractor

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Thank You for contacting me for your report request.  You’ve come to the right place.

Things to know:

  • Most reports
    • take 3 to 5 hours to complete the first designed review sample.
    • average final cost is $525 to $675
  • Your report is unique, cost will depend on:
    • your full & complete description (scope of requirements) before starting report
    • changes & additions to “scope” after report design is started

To get started:

  • Non-refundable review fee of $75 required to assess your project.
  • Provide samples of report layout (column headings, rows, groupings & subtotals, etc.)
    • See sample layout on website at:   DOWNLOAD Sample Layout Sheet2
    • or, use existing report and mark changes needed
    • or, send sample Excel spreadsheet currently using

Urgency & Usage:

  • When is report needed
    • Number of days or weeks, or specific date?
    • Who will be using this report most and for what purpose?
    • How frequently will this report be used in your company?

I’m sure you will have questions. Let’s get started.

Thanks again for your request.