I have added “Liberty Reports” to my report writing options for Sage 100 Contractor, and am continuing to write in Sage 100’s Report Writer for the reports that work well inside the software.  (See below the report for more info on Liberty Reports details.)


  • LR-06-01-01-21T Job Status Report
  • LR-06-01-12-36T Committed Cost Report

With Liberty Reports, I can write reports that can’t be done inside Sage 100 (Master Builder) Software.  I will be adding a lot of new Liberty Reports for sale in the very near future. Custom report requests always accepted.

Liberty Reports is the latest generation of Event 1 Software’s Excel-based reporting technology.


LR-06-01-01-21T Job Status Report

  • This report, LR-06-01-01-21  Job Status Report-Summary, is my version of report 6-1-1-21 in Sage 100, but much better.
  • The report is created in Excel, and the data is pulled from your Sage 100 company database.
  • You can change the job number, refresh the screen, and the new job’s data appears.
  • The report expands and contracts to accommodate the needed space for the various lists.
  • Report LR-06-01-01-21T  cost:  $875

Report LR-06-01-12-36T Committed Cost Report

  • Report expanding to reveal additional detail columns
  • Report LR-06-01-12-36T Committed Cost Report:  Cost:   $975

Report (NOT Expanded):  

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LR-06-01-12-36T Committed Cost Report-NOT Expanded

Report (Expanded)

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LR-06-01-12-36T Committed Cost Report-EXPANDED PLUS