Ask the Expert

1-Hour Session with Jim Schuett.

Ask any question about Sage 100 Contractor
Ask the Expert 1-Hour Session

Ask any questions about using Sage 100 Contractor software.

A recent Client, M.E. said: “I am so excited to know how to do things faster in Sage, including being able to make small changes to some reports. This was amazing, so helpful.”

Ask any Questions!

Get answers in our personal one-on-one session.

Questions about:

  1. How Sage works
  2. Sage Tips & Tricks
  3. Report Writing help
  4. “I need some help with ???”
  5. Sage modules you don’t use
  6. What is Sage Knowledgebase & how do I use it?
  7. What is the Sage “Wildcard” feature?
  8. And so much more.


set of funny cartoon builder in various poses for use in presentations, etc.

Our Session is 1-hour, but we can visit longer if needed.

$150 for the Hour. ($35 for each additional 15-minutes.)

How to register: Go to Store and purchase “1-Hour Session”, then set the appointment with Jim via email. CLICK HERE