Sage 100 Contractor & Master Builder Custom Reports

 How to Request & Order Reports

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Jim Schuett


Contact:  Jim Schuett
Phone:     480-277-7550



Thank you for contacting Bottom-Line Design Services LLC for help with your Sage 100 Contractor Report Writing requests. We are anxious to provide just the right report for your needs.

To Order Existing Custom Reports

 Go to our website STORE. (see Store in menu navigation bar above)

  • Find the report you want, add to cart, and process payment.
  • Your report will be delivered within 1 business day

How to Request a New Custom Report

No charge email or phone (up to 20 min.) discussion of initial needs request.


  1. Emails detailed written description, and spreadsheet sample if possible, of requested report.
  2. $75 non-refundable request fee for assessment of each report’s requirements. Applies toward report cost, if purchased.
  3. Client sends their company database to work in, on report request (Required).
    • Report writing is faster (less time and cost).
    • Sample reports sent with your own data.


  1. Request is tested to see if can be done. If report can’t be done, no additional cost.
  2. Cost estimate is made and sent to Client.
  3. Upon approval, Client is charged for report.
  4. Sample is created, sent for approval.
  5. Report is completed.

If changes needed, cost of changes not included in original description are estimated, and approved by Client. Report is revised.

  1. Client credit card processed for cost of report.
  2. Report is emailed to Client with instructions on saving the report. Help available.


  • Client responsible to test the report for accuracy.
  • Errors are corrected at no charge. Changes may incur additional fees.


  •     Hourly Rate: $175
  •     Reports average between $525 and $875, with most about $595, and are based     on number of hours to create.
  •     Multiple report discounts may be available.
  •     Where several reports, training, or instruction, are requested, Pre-Paid Time      is available for reduced hourly rates.

We appreciate your business and look forward to helping with your reporting needs.



SAGE 100 CONTRACTOR REPORTS: Payment before delivery of all reports is required. Estimated report costs are based on info provided at time of estimate.  Additional or new info, or changes from original info, will increase costs for report writing.  Report costs are based on hours worked, at a rate of $175/hr, including phone time, remote sessions, and off-site research and report development. Reports remain property of Jim Schuett, and may be placed on website for sale to other Clients.  Client is responsible to see that reports are generating numbers correctly on their database before using to make business decisions. Future changes to Sage Master Builder Software, resulting in non-functioning reports, are not the responsibility of Bottom-Line Design Services, although modifications to the reports may be available at our standard hourly rate.

Payment Methods:

  • COMPANY CHECK  (reports delivered after check received and cleared.)
  • CREDIT CARD TYPES: Amex, Visa, MC, Discover (report delivered same day, when possible)
  • WEBSITE STORE:  Pay in store through secure credit card processing.
  • EMAIL or CALL:  To process “In-House” contact us directly.
    Info needed: Card Type, Card #, Exp Date, Security Code, Name on Card

Pre-Paid Time Option


Report Delivery

Although the report has been tested before delivery, our test database is small, and may not show errors. Also, the fields calculations created are based on our best understanding of your instructions. Therefore, Client is responsible to test the report thoroughly for accuracy BEFORE relying on report data for making company decisions.
  • Payment for reports must be made before delivery of reports
  • Instructions on where/how to save report sent at time of delivery

Online Assistance in saving reports available:

  • First 15 minute, No Charge
  • After first 15 minutes, at hourly rate
  • Limitation: Not responsible for saving reports, or knowing your company’s computer setup.  If needed, contact your in-house computer specialist.

Guarantee – We guarantee our reports.

  • If the report is not working at time of delivery, we will correct any issues.
  • If errors are due to Client instructions, the repair time will be charged at our hourly rate. If not, we will make the corrections at no charge.
  • Reasonable time must be granted us to make the changes.
  • ANY changes to our report, by client or client’s representatives, invalidates our guarantee


Future changes to Sage 100 Contractor (Master Builder) Software, by Sage resulting in non-functioning reports, are not the responsibility of Bottom-Line Design Services LLC, although modifications to the reports may be available at our standard hourly rate.