Sage 100 Contractor & Master Builder Custom Reports

Sage Intelligence Reporting

Make smarter decisions, and manage budgets and costs tightly, using custom reports.

Sage100Contractor pic1Spreadsheets are the most widely used tool for sharing and analyzing business data. But, you may know that using spreadsheets by themselves can involve tedious manual labor, data entry errors, and can easily extend your work day into the evening. Sage 100 Contractor Intelligence Reporting gives you back your free time with current, accurate reports, while also leveraging the flexibility of spreadsheets to make reporting easy for you.

Intelligence Reporting automatically pulls data from Sage 100 Contractor into preformatted Microsoft®Excel® report templates that give you instant visibility of financials for your business down to details for each job. You can also easily modify these templates to design the reports you want, or even create your own reports from scratch.

Essentially, Intelligence Reporting empowers you to:

  • Use your spreadsheet knowledge to view, modify or create reports so you can extend your visibility across key areas.
  • Design customized reports that reflect your business environment or work with your business partner to create customized reports. Once you have created and saved the reports you want, you can immediately access and use them anytime.
  • Spend more time ensuring that jobs are profitable and moving forward on schedule.
  • Schedule reports to be distributed to the right team member/s so they don’t need to be in the office to get the information they need.
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Jim SchuettREPORTS AVAILABLE from Jim Schuett

As this is new, effective 6/12/2015, I am beginning to create reports now and will add this list here as each is created.  Let me know what you need, and I will do it for you.


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1.  Payroll Records by Employee

Payroll Records by Employee-4










Pivot Table with Groups Closed

Payroll Records by Employee-5



Payroll Records by Employee-1 Payroll Records by Employee-2





















2.  More Coming Soon.


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Enjoy out-of-the box reporting Intelligence Reporting comes with a set of preformatted Excel report templates that give you immediate insight into and across your business. They include:

1. Income Statement: 21—Income Statement
2. Income Statement: 31—Income Statement ~Period and YTD
3. Income Statement: Dept. Income Statement ~Actual/Budget Comparison
4. Receivables Aging: 26—AR Invoice Aging ~Land
5. Payable Aging: 26—AP Invoice Aging ~Land
6. Job Status Report: 31—Job Status Report ~Land 
7. Committed Cost Report: 31—Committed Costs ~Land
8. Committed Cost Report: 61—Committed Costs ~With Cost to Complete
9. Home Builder Reports: 21—Committed Budget/Cost Variance~by Cost Code
10. Home Builder Reports: 51—Gross Profit ~by Job
11. Job Summary Report: 21—Job Cost Summary
12. Job Summary Report: 51—Job Billing Summary
13. Job Summary Report: 71—Job Income Statement
14. Over/Under Billing Report: 31—Over/Under Billings ~Extended
15. Bonding Report: 21—Bonding Report
16. Purchase Order Audit: 31—Purchase Order Audit ~Land
17. Subcontract Audit: 31—Subcontract Audit ~Land
18. Gantt Chart: 21—Gantt Chart
19. Service Invoice List: 91—Estimated Work Order Profitability
20. Service Aging: Service Invoice Aging ~Land